Your Mediator

Scott was involved in Law Enforcement for over 30 years. From working inside a large county jail to serving a mid-sized police department for the last 25 years, Scott has learned that the best solutions come from people talking to each other. Through contact, Scott has helped citizens work through their conflicts and come to a resolution that works for everyone involved.

In 1997, Scott decided to put an interest he had into action. He attended a 40 hour hostage/crisis negotiation training course. Scott learned the basics of active listening in this training and has continued to use and train with these skills.  This has helped Scott learn how to listen to people and find out what the real problems are.  During his years as a negotiator, Scott had many successful resolutions. Scott has taught other police officers Crisis Intervention Training and De-Escalation Techniques.  He has served as a member of a Critical Incident Stress Management team. This put Scott in contact with co-workers and other citizens who had been involved in situations that they were having a hard time dealing with.  This training showed Scott how to talk to people who had been involved in highly stressful situations. Scott has also attended over 1,200 hours of Crisis Negotiation training.

After being involved in a mediation session, Scott realized the similarity of Crisis Negotiations and Mediation. This provided him an opportunity to apply his experience and training. So, in March 2017, Scott attended the 40 hour Civil Mediation Training and followed that by attending the 30 hour Family Mediation Training. Scott is currently serving as a volunteer mediator with the Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas in Tarrant County.

Mediation helped Scott stay out of court and keep control of the solution and it can help you do the same.